You will find the ultimate party cocktails and healthy smoothies here at Fearless Dining. All of these are fancy drinks. I have only recently ventured into creating craft drinks, but I think you will love what I have come up with.

I make healthy smoothies all of the time, but surprisingly I don’t have that many on the blog. If you have some favorites, drop me a line :-).

Fancy cocktails and smoothies

My 5 Most Popular Drink Recipes:

Are you ready to dive in and get creative for your next party? I have several favorite cocktails on my blog, all created with fresh fruit and my handy Vitamix blender. It purees fruit so smoothly, there is no pulp or gritty peels. Here are my favorites:

This is my most recent drink recipe on the blog. Pink grapefruits are in season and they are so sweet. Add in some spice like a sriracha salted rim, and it is over the top good.

These Pink Grapefruit Margaritas are perfect for Cinco de Mayo celebrations, or for happy hour.

Easy pink grapefruit margaritas with a sriracha salt rim are perfect for a party.

If you love tequila, this flavor combination may come as a surprise…in a good way! Tequila Lemonade with Cilantro is a fancy drink in appearance, and even more so when you taste it. This cocktail recipe is based on a drink we had at a restaurant not too long ago!

2 cocktail glasses of tequila lemonade with green striped straws sit on a wood serving platter

I have also begun to experiment with some unusual fruits to make craft cocktails. Wait until you see what can be done with cactus fruit, currants, and dragon fruits!!

Cactus fruit has long been a favorite of mine. The bright colors, like orange and hot pinks. This special Prickly Pear Margarita is beautiful for a party. You can use hot pink cactus pear fruit too like in this easy prickly pear syrup recipe.

two glasses with prickly pear margaritas.

Have you tried a dragon fruit? Their little black seeds make for a pretty fancy drink recipe! Here is my favorite Dragon Fruit Cocktail with Vodka for you to try!

a glass of pink dragon fruit cocktail with vodka. The glass is garnished with a slice of fresh dragon fruit

Lastly, check out the vivid bright red of this Red Currant Margarita. The ginger sugar along the rim makes such a fun accent flavor for this margarita!

a tall martini glass filled with bright red currant margarita

What are your favorite party drinks? Drop me a line and let me know!

Enjoy some delicious gluten free appetizers and make it a party!