These homemade gluten free scone recipes are perfect for tea time, but you don’t have to love tea to enjoy a scone recipe from this collection! I put all of my best gluten free scone recipes in one place, so you can see your choices when deciding which simple gluten free scones to make.

On Fearless Dining, you will find all sorts of sweet and savory scones. There is a scone for every taste bud!

If you are new to gluten free baking, don’t forget to check out my Beginner Gluten Free 101 Guide for tips on how to live gluten free.

What are Scones?

Scones are sort of biscuit, sort of muffin. Some can be heavy; others are light and fluffy with flaky layers. They go well with coffee, tea, breakfast, brunch, or snack time. I love making savory scones with a pot of soup or stew!

Scones are much easier to make than you think! Scones are considered sweet (or savory) single-serve bread, often enjoyed with a cup of tea or coffee.

Let’s talk about the gluten free flours you can use to make these gluten free scone recipes. I share a lot of great gluten free baking tips that can help you become a better baker.

What are scones made out of?

Scones can be made out of many different things. In gluten free baking, you will want to combine gluten free flour and starches or use a good gluten free flour blend. Butter, sugar, and eggs are also important ingredients for scones. Some like Crisco shortening, but I have not tested that in my recipes. 

Flour Options for Making Scones Gluten Free:

I have a complete write-up about what gluten free flours are best for scones and other baked goods. It is worth checking out!

I also have an incredible DIY Gluten Free Flour Blend that is gum-free and works well in my scones recipes.

You can also check out my Gluten Free Pantry recommendations.

Cutting scones out of the dough.

Do scones need eggs?

Although scones don’t rise much, you need eggs to keep the consistency and mouthfeel of the scones. You can also use an egg replacer if you are on an egg-free diet.

How long do scones keep fresh?

Scones will keep fresh for a week in an air-tight container. I like to freeze my extra scones and defrost them when I crave them.

Should scones be crumbly?

This is a tough one. Scones are not supposed to be super crumbly, and it will depend on the gluten free flour blend you use. If you don’t use a gluten-free flour blend with starches like tapioca, potato, or corn starch, you risk having crumbly scones.

Scone Step-By-Step Directions:

There are several ways to make gluten free scones. You can use a scone pan, or just roll out the scone dough onto parchment paper and cut it into triangles. They taste the same either way!

If you decide to make wedges for your scone shape, here are some easy ways to make the scones:

Gluten free scones dough in a bowl.

Step 1: Mix up your gluten free scone dough. You want to form a ball.

A round of scone dough on parchment paper, cut into wedges.

Step 2: Lay a piece of parchment paper on a cookie sheet. Form the dough into a ball and then roll until it is 1 1/2 to 2 inches thick. Use a knife to cut the dough circle into wedges.

Scone batter in a scone pan.

You can also use a scone pan if you want to have uniformly shaped scones. Using a scone pan is a time saver. Your scones will taste the same either way you bake them.

Step 3: Bake the scones until slightly golden. Use a knife to recut along the cut lines you made in the raw dough. Serve scones hot or cold.

I broke my scones list into sweet and savory scones. Sweet scones are great anytime, and they even make a great dessert. Savory scones are great on their own, but dipped in hot soup? They are just as good as any gluten free bread or roll!

The Best Scones For Tea:

Easy Gluten Free Oat Scones
Sandi Gaertner
Delicious, easy to customize gluten free oat scones that you can fill with any fruit.
Check out this recipe
Baked gluten free oat scones on a baking sheet.
The Best Gluten Free Blueberry Scones
Sandi Gaertner
These are the best flaky gluten free blueberry scones. You can use any fruit, drizzle with icing or enjoy plain.
Check out this recipe
Gluten Free Cinnamon Apple Scones
Sandi Gaertner
This easy gluten free cinnamon apple scones recipe is perfect all year long! They are perfect with breakfast or brunch!
Check out this recipe
A gluten free cinnamon apple scone on a white plate.
Gluten Free Cranberry Orange Scones
Sandi Gaertner
Delicious homemade gluten free cranberry orange scones. They are topped with an orange glaze.
Check out this recipe
Baked scones on a cookie sheet.
Gluten Free Date Scones with Coconut and Pecans
Sandi Gaertner
Date scones with coconut and pecans are light and flaky, with a little nutty crunch. Perfect with a cup of coffee. You’ll want to make a double batch of this gluten free scones recipe! 
Check out this recipe
The top view of a date scones on a plate next to a glass mug of coffee.
Gluten Free Cheese Scones
Sandi Gaertner
Savory gluten free cheese and herb scones are delicious to serve with any meal, or even a hot bowl of soup.
Check out this recipe
Gluten Free Pumpkin Scones
Sandi Gaertner
These delicious flaky gluten free pumpkin scones are topped with a creamy cinnamon icing.
Check out this recipe
Baked pumpkin scones on a baking sheet.
Gluten Free Cornmeal Scones
Sandi Gaertner
Easy gluten free cornmeal delicata squash scones. They are a great side to serve throughout the fall season.
Check out this recipe
Three cornmeal scones stacked on the counter.
Gluten Free Gingerbread Scones
Sandi Gaertner
Flaky gluten free gingerbread scones topped with vanilla icing. They are perfect for the holidays!
Check out this recipe
an iced gingerbread scone on a plate.
Easy Gluten Free Maple Bacon Scones
Sandi Gaertner
An easy Gluten Free Maple Bacon Scones recipe that is perfect with coffee or tea.
Check out this recipe
Gluten Free Strawberries and Cream Scones
Sandi Gaertner
Delicious flaky scones filled with sweet strawberries and cream.
Check out this recipe
Baked gluten free strawberries and cream scones on a baking sheet.

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