Tasty Cinco de Mayo Recipe Ideas

Are you ready for Cinco de Mayo? May 5th is your day to celebrate with these delicious Cinco de Mayo recipe ideas. Although Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican army’s victory over the French, today has a double meaning. This holiday has come to celebrate the Mexican-American culture more than anything.

Here are some of my favorite gluten free Mexican recipes for you so that you can have your own celebration.

Here is a delicious roundup of recipes for your Cinco de Mayo Celebration!

I have to be totally honest with you. Now that we live in California, this holiday often passes us by. Coming from Austin where the Mexican food is just amazing, I have found that the restaurants we have tried in California frequently don’t compare to Austin’s. I try to make Mexican recipes for my family a few times per month because it is comfort food for us. I hope you can enjoy a few of these recipes in your own Cinco de Mayo celebration!


Easy pink grapefruit margaritas with a sriracha salted rim

A celebration wouldn’t be complete without my favorite margarita, Pink Grapefruit Margarita with Sriracha Salt. Fresh pink grapefruit makes this drink so refreshing and good. The sriracha rim adds the kick of spice needed to be a true Mexican cocktail.

Frozen peach margaritas with an easy ginger sugar rim

If spice isn’t your thing, these Frozen Peach Margaritas with Ginger Sugar are also delicious.


Quick and easy Mexican Shakshuka for a delicious breakfast.

This quick and easy Mexican Shakshuka is a fun spicy twist on the classic shakshuka. This is a yummy one pan dish that makes a hearty breakfast!


Easy shredded chicken soup makes a delicious starter or light meal.


This shredded chicken taco soup is a delicious blend of Mexican flavors. This soup makes a great starter, or a light meal.

Easy black bean nachos

These easy bean nachos are so easy to make. This is two recipes in one as I also include a homemade bean dip recipe for these nachos!

Main Meal Ideas

This slow cooker pulled pork recipe is perfect for a taco bar.

This recipe is perfect for a day of celebrating. It cooks up in your slow cooker so you have an easy tasty dinner without taking up a lot of cooking time. Serve this slow cooker pulled pork with all of the fixings for a build your own taco bar!

Easy gluten free Mexican lasagna recipe

So this is in no way an authentic Mexican recipe…but it is full of Mexican flavors and is a kid-favorite in our house. You will love how easy this gluten free Mexican Lasagna recipe is to make.


Easy gluten free tres leches cake recipe.

You are going to love this mouthwatering Gluten Free Tres Leches Cake. This recipe was created by Chef Tony Kzaz, the executive chef. Unfortunately, Chef Tony is now in Florida, but I am grateful he allowed me to share his recipe with you :-).

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