If you are a chocolate fan like I am, you will appreciate that it is always a good time to indulge in decadent gluten free chocolate desserts. Many of these recipes are gluten and dairy-free desserts.

There is something about how chocolate tastes when it hits your tongue that instantly makes you feel better. Each of these easy gluten free chocolate dessert recipes will knock your socks off with how good they are!

A collage of four chocolate desserts photos.

If you love chocolate, this collection of my best chocolate recipes is for you! You feel almost sinful when you sink your teeth into these gluten free chocolate recipes

I have made each of these desserts, which are tried and truly delicious. I love them, my family loves them, and nobody can tell they are gluten free. These are truly the best gluten free chocolate desserts!

Shopping for gluten-free ingredients is much easier when you have time to plan a little. I have made a couple of guides to help you with shopping, and it won’t be so overwhelming. Gluten Free Costco Shopping Guide and The Ultimate Walmart Gluten Free Shopping Guide contain very useful information.

A dark chocolate bar broken in half.

Cooking and Baking with Chocolate Tips:

  • The easiest way to melt chocolate is in a double boiler. If you don’t have a double boiler, you can put water in a saucepan and begin to boil, then place a glass bowl on top of the pan. Place the chocolate inside and continuously stir until melted. It can burn quickly if you aren’t careful.
  • Never add a cold liquid like milk or butter to melted chocolate. Adding cold to the hot chocolate will cause it to seize, resulting in a clumpy mess that is grainy and not too appetizing. Once in a while, you can save seized chocolate, but it doesn’t always work.
  • Chocolate is also great for drizzling onto desserts. Just melt in the microwave at 10-second intervals and stir.
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Best Brands of Chocolate for Baking:

There are many good kinds of chocolate for baking. I love to use dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and semi-sweet chocolate in my recipes. High-quality chocolate does make a difference in cooking and baking. Here are my favorites

  • Ghirardelli – This company makes several cocoa powders depending on the flavor you’re looking for. They make good chocolate, melting dark, milk, and white wafers. They are the only gluten free melting wafer I know of. Wilton is made on shared equipment with wheat.
  • Anthonys – this is probably the best deal for your money. Anthony’s uses high-quality cocoa and sells their big bags on Amazon.
  • Hershey – If you can’t find one of the above brands, Hershey’s Cocoa Powder is gluten free and safe to use.

Which Ghirardelli Chocolates Are Gluten Free?

All of Ghirardelli’s chocolate are gluten free, with the exception of their crisp bars.

A bowl of melted chocolate.

What Dairy-free Chocolate Works in desserts?

Enjoy Life brand makes wonderful chocolate chips free of the Top 8 allergens. They taste delicious, and you will never know they are dairy-free.

Is Baker’s Chocolate Gluten Free?

Baker’s chocolate is gluten free. Just note that Baker’s chocolate is not sweetened. My son found out the hard way by grabbing a piece and biting into it.

What Sugar-Free Chocolate is Gluten Free? 

Lily’s makes delicious gluten free and sugar-free chocolate. Their chocolate bars and chocolate chips are both straightforward to use.

What are your favorite ways to enjoy chocolate? I love that deep dark chocolate flavor. All these Gluten Free Chocolate Recipes are bursting with chocolate…try a few and let me know which you like best!

If you love dessert as much as we do, don’t forget to check out my delicious gluten free dessert recipes.

Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcakes

Four frosted gluten free chocolate cupcakes on a counter.

If you love cupcakes, these homemade gluten free chocolate cupcakes are amazing. Top them with my chocolate buttercream frosting!

Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcakes
Sandi Gaertner
Moist delicious gluten free chocolate cupcakes recipe with a chocolate buttercream frosting.
GF Chocolate Cupcakes
Rows of gluten free chocolate cupcakes on the counter.

Gluten Free Brownies

Cut gluten free brownies on a baking sheet.

These fudgy gluten free brownies are also dairy-free so that everyone can enjoy them! They are easy to make. Add in optional chocolate chips and chopped nuts.

Fudgy Gluten Free Brownies
Sandi Gaertner
The best fudgy dairy free and gluten free brownies
GF Brownies
A tray of sliced gluten free brownies.

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

A picture of a slice of chocolate layer cake.

This incredibly rich gluten free chocolate cake gets rave reviews. It is perfect for any celebration. Top it with my chocolate cream cheese frosting!

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake
Sandi Gaertner
Easy gluten free chocolate layer cake.
GF Chocolate Cake
A whole chocolate frosted cake on a white plate.

The Best Chocolate Truffles

Four chocolate truffles on a paper bag.

If you love chocolate, you need to try my easy truffles recipe. These are high-quality truffles that taste as if they come from a chocolate shop! I include four different ways to coat them!

Dark Chocolate Truffles Three Ways
Sandi Gaertner
This is a simple tutorial to make gourmet gluten free chocolate truffles from scratch.
Rows of coated truffles in a pan.

Gluten Free Chocolate Tart

A whole gluten free chocolate tart sliced.

This fun gluten free chocolate tart is made with rich chocolate custard. It is baked into a chocolate crumb tart shell. It is a winning combination with or without the caramel sauce!

Gluten Free Chocolate Caramel Tart
Sandi Gaertner
The best gluten free chocolate caramel tart recipe
Chocolate Tart
A whole gluten free chocolate tart sliced.

Gluten Free Devil’s Food Cake

Holding up a forkful of devil's food cake.

This gluten free devil’s food cake is made for chocolate lovers. It is an old family recipe that I converted to gluten free. It is made the old-fashioned way and tastes incredible.

Gluten Free Devil’s Food Cake
Sandi Gaertner
A moist deep chocolate gluten free devil's food cake. You can make this as a sheet cake, cupcakes, or a layer cake.
Devil’s Food Cake
Devil's Food Cake baked in an 8x8 pan.

Rich Chocolate Custard

A close up of the chocolate custard in white ramekins.

If you haven’t tried making custard, this chocolate custard recipe is so easy to make. It has a rich chocolate flavor!

Dark Chocolate Custard
Sandi Gaertner
Easy creamy homemade creamy dark chocolate custard.
Chocolate Custard
Two ramekins filled with chocolate custard. They are topped with whipped cream and sliced strawberries.
Sprinkling chocolate chips over the edible cookie dough.

If you are the type of person who loves eating cookie dough out of the bowl, this edible gluten free chocolate cookie dough recipe is for you. It has no eggs, so it is safe to eat by the spoonful!

Edible Gluten Free Chocolate Cookie Dough
Sandi Gaertner
An edible gluten free chocolate cookie dough recipe that is loaded with chocolate chips.
Chocolate Cookie Dough
Sprinkling chocolate chips over the edible cookie dough.

Gluten Free Chocolate Raspberry Cake

A frosted chocolate cake topped with fresh raspberries.

This is Mr. Fearless Dining’s favorite birthday cake. This gluten free chocolate raspberry layer cake has rich layers of chocolate cake, with raspberry filling between each layer! It is topped with chocolate buttercream frosting.

Gluten Free Chocolate Raspberry Layer Cake
Sandi Gaertner
Easy chocolate and raspberry layer cake with a creamy buttercream frosting.
Chocolate Raspberry Cake
A frosted chocolate cake topped with fresh raspberries.

Gluten Free Chocolate Mug Cake

The top view of a chocolate mug cake in the mug topped with ice cream and raspberries.

If you love chocolate cake but want a small portion, try this Gluten Free Chocolate Mug Cake. You can make this decadent cake in your microwave oven in under 3 minutes.

Gluten Free Chocolate Mug Cake For Two
Sandi Gaertner
A delicious moist gluten free chocolate mug cake recipe. You can have this chocolate cake in about 3 minutes!
Chocolate Mug Cake
The top view of a chocolate mug cake in the mug topped with ice cream and raspberries.
A baking tray with six chocolate cookie cups with chocolate frosting.

If you are looking for a great dessert for entertaining or a buffet, these Gluten Free Chocolate Cookie Cups are perfect. Fill them with chocolate mousse, frosting, pudding, or any filling you like!

Gluten Free Chocolate Cookie Cups
Sandi Gaertner
Delicious gluten free chocolate cookie cups filled with chocolate buttercream frosting, or one of the many filling ideas!
Chocolate Cookie Cups
A baking tray with six chocolate cookie cups with chocolate frosting.

Gluten Free Chocolate Pound Cake

The top view of a chocolate pound cake topped in chocolate ganache.

This decadent, rich Gluten Free Chocolate Pound Cake was a family recipe one of my readers asked me to convert to gluten free. It is topped with a creamy chocolate ganache.

Easy Gluten Free Chocolate Pound Cake
Sandi Gaertner
A decadent rich gluten free chocolate pound cake that can be made as a bundt cake.
Chocolate Pound Cake
A top view of the gluten free chocolate pound cake with chocolate ganache.

This post was updated from an older January 2019 post with more delicious recipe ideas.

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  1. Hi all the recipes look amazing!
    Is gluten free flour just wheat flour without the gluten? Are there other alternatives such as coconut flour?
    Thanks so much

    1. Hi Sharon, gluten free flour has no wheat. There are gluten free flour blends, that you would use if you are gluten free. Coconut flour behaves very differently than a gluten free flour blend. It absorbs a ton of liquid and wouldn’t work as a 1 to 1 replacement. If there is a specific recipe you are wanting to make, please send me an email at sandi@fearlessdining.com and I can try to help you.

  2. I’m always looking for new valentine’s recipes! I love all the ones that use red fruits and chocolate 🙂