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Gluten Free Slivered Almond Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Cookies

These Gluten Free Slivered Almond Chocolate and Peanut Butter Chip Cookies have it all. They are moist, chewy, and they have a slight almond crunch that makes them irresistible. Today is all about almonds. They are the true star in this new cookie recipe I developed. Have you ever bought a bag of slivered almonds? What do you use them in? Our family loves to add these to oatmeal. I guess we don't think outside the box that often. They also make a delicious addition to the crispy topping on a fruit crisp. Again, not so creative. My daughter had the idea to add these almonds … [Read More...]

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Gluten Free Blackberry Almond Flour Breakfast Muffins

If you are looking for an easy grab and go breakfast, these gluten free blackberry breakfast muffins are a great choice to try. If you are like me, I am always trying to make a "treat" healthy enough that my kids can eat them for breakfast. Believe it or not, this recipe is very similar in … [Read More...]

Curried Sweet Potato Hash Brown Waffles

Waffles are all the craze right now and this recipe for curried sweet potato hash browns are made right on a waffle iron. Have you tried a savory waffle? I am all about waffles and so are my kids. We have had lots of sweet waffles, because...well, just because :-). I haven't tried anything … [Read More...]

Gluten Free Lemon Layer Cake

This gluten free cake is layered with a delicious lemon curd and cream cheese frosting between each layer, perfect for any special occasion. When I found these cute layer pans at Target for $12.99, I couldn't resist picking them up. Although the rainbow layer cake in the photo looked … [Read More...]

Gluten Free Raspberry Cream Cheese Crumble Bars

These gluten free raspberry cream cheese crumble bars are incredibly moist and delicious. (*This post was sponsored by Smart & Final. All delicious, crumbly sweet opinions are my own!) These gluten free raspberry cream cheese crumble bars officially have the record in our house for … [Read More...]

Crab, Sun-dried Tomato, Shiitake, and Zucchini Zoodle Pasta

If you love pasta, but not all the carbs, this crab, sun-dried tomato, shiitake, and zucchini zoodle pasta dish is a delicious combination of flavors. This recipe is dedicated to all of those … [Read More...]

10 Easy Breakfast Ideas to Celebrate Mom

It is almost Mother's Day and I have pulled together 10 of my most popular gluten free breakfast recipes for your celebration. This post is for all Dads who want to make breakfast with their … [Read More...]

Quick and Easy 5 Ingredient Slow Cooker Pot Roast

If you love pot roast, this is the easiest pot roast recipe you will ever make. I am all about easy. This recipe is paleo, and I dedicate it to all of the meat lovers in your family. This … [Read More...]

Gluten Free Peanut Butter Chocolate Mini Cheesecakes

If you love chocolate and peanut butter together, this new gluten free peanut butter and chocolate cheesecake recipe is for you!! Do you like to shop at Target? I hate to admit it, but I … [Read More...]

Organic Chicken Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette

Spring is the time for delicious healthy salads. This organic chicken salad with a light citrus vinaigrette is a wonderful salad that everyone will … [Read More...]