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Guest Post: Gluten Free Mini Cupcake Bouquet with Blueberry Frosting!

I'm so excited to be sharing my Gluten Free Mini Cupcake Bouquet with Blueberry Frosting.  They are also dairy free, soy free, Vegan and free of the top 8 food allergens. I'm here helping out while her daughter, Kaela has minor surgery.  But honestly, nothing is "minor" with surgery and your child.  All the anxiety... Then the waiting… It's parent's job to worry, isn't it? I'm so glad I could be here to help out one of my favorite blogging friends.  If you didn't already know, Sandi is an absolute sweetheart.  I can tell you, Sandi is someone everyone needs as a friend.  I feel like I … [Read More...]

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Easy Gluten Free Paella

I love paella.  Paella is a Spanish dish that originated back in the 19th century on the Eastern coast of Spain. There are only three rules to making paella. (My recipe breaks one so I am not quite the rebel) Rule #1, cook paella over fire. Rule #2, use a paella pan (oops!) Rule #3, use a … [Read More...]

Three Bakers Pizza

Product Review: Three Bakers Gluten Free Pepperoni Pizza

We found a new frozen pizza option at our Sprout Market! We have been missing good pizza since the whole Sabatasso's/Schwan's/Freschetta nightmare. (You can read more about how our favorite gluten free pizza and the issues finding it in the links above. Freschetta has since disappeared from the … [Read More...]


Gluten Free Maple Walnut Bundt Cake with Maple Icing

How often do you crave cake? I don't just mean cake. I am talking about a cake without all of the refined sugar and unhealthy ingredients, but still tastes like real cake. (And if you don't mind the unhealthy parts, you can make the icing for this cake.) I could eat cake anytime. Breakfast … [Read More...]

The Good Fork Bistro in Morgan Hill is a Favorite for Gluten Free Dining

Morgan Hill, CA officially has a gluten free "destination" restaurant. Yes, I will make the trek to Morgan Hill for this restaurant. The Good Fork Bistro was that delicious. Not only was my food delicious, but Chef/owner Maurizio was so willing to learn everything about safe gluten free dining. I … [Read More...]

Green Chicken Soup Recipe

There are some weeks when I succumb to my evil sweet tooth. It is hard not to, amazing chefs share with me recipes that need to be made and photographed. My kids need healthier versions of their … [Read More...]

Product Review: Cocola French Macaroons

Have you seen these new gluten free French macaroons in your local Costco? They are made by a local Bay Area company named Cocola Bakery. These macaroons come in Lemon, Raspberry, Pistachio, Coffee, … [Read More...]

Caramelized Onion, Basil, and Sun Dried Tomato Gluten Free Skillet Focaccia Bread

I have been thinking about gluten free focaccia bread. Maybe obsessing is more accurate. There is something about that slightly chewy bread I have been missing. Crispy caramelized onions, sundried … [Read More...]

Justin’s Gluten Free Osso Bucco Recipe

Here is "the" recipe from Justin's in Santa Clara, CA. When I interviewed Justin's to learn more about their safe gluten handling procedures, I knew they had an incredible menu full of naturally … [Read More...]

Justin’s Restaurant and Catering Offers Delicious, Creative Gluten Free Options

If you are looking for a gluten friendly restaurant or caterer in the South Bay, Justin's has you covered. Justin's opened a year ago in Santa Clara, … [Read More...]